Let’s face it, you love to snack, well you know what...so do I!

We are programmed to snack.

Society tells you it’s ok in one breath and then in another breath tells you that you have to be skinny. You can’t go anywhere nowadays without being bombarded by food advertisements in addition to skinny models that are plastered all over the place. They tell you to eat something however afterwards they tell you should feel bad about it.
Really...? Is this what our world has come too? Sadly yes.
But you can beat the system and there ‘logic’ by making healthier snaking choices. Wouldn’t you love to snack whenever you want and not feel guilty about it?
Here is the perfect recipe that will fill that ‘snack’ need and also make you feel good about your choice.

Who doesn’t like Popcorn?
Now wait a minute I am not talking about the greasy, need 5 napkins popcorn that you get at the movie theater. Popcorn is unexpectedly healthy when made at home, this whole grain snack (surprised? Yep its whole grain) can be different every time by adding different scrumptious toppings.
This whole grain might be a great addition to your daily snacks. By making it at home and adding just enough fat, it will in return, add tons of antioxidants to your body. Even adding butter or salt to your home made popcorn won’t bring the fat or sodium levels to register in the credits of the movie theater snack.
Popcorn also will keep you satisfied for longer plus give you an additional 22% of fiber than a person that doesn’t eat popcorn. It’s full of air and low in calories so your brain thinks its eating more than it actually is.
Without any further ado here is a recipe that didn’t even last 20 mins at my house. We even gave some to friends and they couldn’t get enough.

Chocolate-Covered Popcorn Cups

Makes 12 muffin cups

8 oz (1 cup) chopped dark chocolate, 60% or higher
3 cups (750 ML) popped organic popcorn
2/3 cup (160 ML) shelled unsalted pistachios
¼ tsp (1 ML) sea salt

1.      Melt the chocolate in double boiler (I just put a large bowl on top of a pot of simmering water), stirring until melted.

2.      Divide popcorn and pistachios evenly among 12 standard-sized paper-lined muffin cups

3.      Drizzle melted chocolate over popcorn. Make sure you cover with chocolate so that it can seep down into crevices and bind together

4.      Sprinkle tops with sea salt

5.      Place in the fridge to set for about 1 hour

6.      Enjoy!

This recipe was found in the lovely Sage Magazine. Natural Living for you and your family. It is full of amazing information and plenty more delightful recipes I look forward to trying and sharing.
I also want to share this link to remarkable website, Paleo Hacks, I visit on a regular basis. I found this post the other day and thought I would share it with you. So head over there and help yourself with beating the cravings!

As always, thank you so much for visiting and I hope you see you again soon.
Did you try the recipe? Tell me what you thought of it…
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