You know what one of the hardest things about going on this real food journey…the temptations. The cute cookies, the chocolate cakes and bakery treats.

You see them everywhere and man do they ever smell so good. It takes so much will power to turn away and most days my 'will power' is already over there licking the icing. So you think to yourself ‘it won’t be so bad’ ‘I’ll just have a bite, I deserve a treat’ and every time as soon as it hits your stomach you regret it. Your stomach throws its fists up in anger and cries like a little baby ‘why do you keep doing this to me.’ Next thing you know you’re drinking 3 cups of organic peppermint tea to sooth the screaming beast that is your stomach.

So why do we do this to ourselves? Why do you endure the pain of a sugar overload for that tiny piece of cookie?

Sadly I don’t know, sadly I am still in this stage of my real food journey. The most important reason we went Paleo is because I am allergic to dairy. It makes my stomach to summer-salts in anger and I regret it from the moment it touches my lips. My body is having a real hard time detoxing; I have grown up eating sugar and grains, I love it, but it just doesn’t love me back. Everyone says that this is the worst part and totally is. If you don’t have a good support system it will be very easy to dismiss this way and just go back to the easy road. It may seem like the easy way now, but when your health gets bad and your living on pills and can go for a walk with your dog, it is the hard way.

I also keep trying to remind myself about the ‘down the road’ effects. All the positive effects this life style will lead me to be way better then that sugar cookie with a cute ghost on it. I would much rather spend an extra $3.00 for grass-feed natural no hormone beef then pay for a $50 months’ supply of pills from the doctor.

Tonight I was thinking though, can’t I make these treats so they won’t upset my tummy? Sure you can, I found tons of recipes on Pintrest and pinned them to my Food-Dessert board. So next time I see a yummy treat instead of thinking of all the reasons why I need it. I am going to think of a way that I can make it and eat it.

So that is my new goal, to learn to make treats that I can eat and enjoy. I am looking forward to this new journey, I hope that you will follow along and even share some recipes you have tired.

I was part of a Wellness Summit this past month and I learned so much amazing information, I can’t wait to share with you. One of the speakers Mary Shenouda from Paleo Chef had great advice about changing the mindset and making this life style work for you. One quote she made really stuck, she said,

Stop Cheating & Start enjoying. Cheating puts a negative spin on it and follows with guilt. Make it a treat day. Make your favorite snack with chocolate or cookies. But still use Paleo ingredients so it’s still good for you but you are treating yourself. Don’t make them during the week; make them on the weekend to treat yourself.’

Check out her blog to help you change your mindset and get some tips and tricks. Thanks for stopping by, we would love to hear from you. Leave a comment and share your favorite recipe that helps you when you’re going through the cravings.

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