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Today I am going to walk you through some Photography Tips on how to create a better photograph. I am not a {pro} but photography is my passion and I love sharing what I do. In this lesson session you will hopefully take away a new way at looking at your camera or the world as you know it ;)  {that last one was just for my own a amusement –it made me chuckle a little}
                Also a side note: I love Black and White photographs so I shot mostly in B/W for this session. You don’t have to by any means. I just love the way it looks, and for this session it was easier to do the “bad one” in colour and the “good one” in B/W, it was much easier {for everyone}

So today I will be talking about…

So without further ramblings here are my tips, Hope you enjoy!

Turn your Camera

It is so simple but everyone takes it for granted! You can take a horizontal picture and still standing in the same spot, turn the camera vertical and you will have a completely different picture. This is the number one thing you should try and get in to your system. It will give you so much freedom and lead to tilting your camera and creating your own personal shooting style. Just making this simple adjustment I can promise you will make a huge difference in how you and your audience are looking at the photo. For example {this photo} in the horizontal photo all you see is trees and the path is lost in the disruptive trees on the side. However by switching you’re shooting to vertical it cuts back on the busy and you see the path. Therefore leads your eye down your picture to follow the path.

 Up close and Personal

Sometimes it’s nice to only see one thing at a time. It keeps you interested and focuses on the detail that you want to show off in the photo. Using lines you take the persons eye and you lead it through the photo, instead of seeing it all at once. {If that makes sense to anyone but me} Go right up to what you want to photography and check for the details, because if you want to see them then you can bet others do too! I love seeing details. I would rather see a close up with detail then a far away photo with way to many things to look at. Keep it simple!

Get down on the same level

Don’t be afraid to get dirty! The only time you should be wearing nice/ fancy clothing on a photo shoot is if you’re the subject. Other than that wear something you don’t care will get wet, dirty, ripped or {if your anything like me} ruined. For this photo I was laying on a slippery rock covered in snow to get down to the level I wanted. Go for the shot you know you want! Never give up just because a little dirt is in your way. For example {the stair picture near the bottom} I walked on a muddy path and fell right on my butt, just because I didn’t want to have foot prints on the steps!!

Take a step back

Some times to get across the message you want, you need to see everything. However you still want to keep it interesting. I found a tree and it had a perfect gap therefore I could be far enough away to see the rink and bring your eye right in to where I want it! Using things to bring your attention to your target is your main goal when taking pictures. You just have to think to yourself, why I am I taking this picture? What do I want people to see?

I hope this helps, anyone that is trying to broaden their horizons with photography. You don’t have to be a pro {I am far from it!} to take great looking photo’s. I have worked very hard on my own person style and all I am hoping from this is helping others do the same! It’s about taking these tricks tips and putting your own spin on it. And above all, HAVE FUN!

Don’t forget to smile!

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  1. I absolutely love this post. It is by far one of my favorites. I love the pictures, they are just beautiful. All that you wrote will help me so much in my future photography. Thank you for being such an inspiration to me. Keep on doing what you love. I look forward to seeing more.


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