Happy New Year everyone!

I hope everyone is enjoying themselves. I know I am. I have had the great honour of joining my family in BC for this wonderful season and I am just beside myself with joy. I have gotten everything a girl could want for Christmas and New years.
I got to be here with my sisters, up at 6am as usual on Christmas morning and trying to waste time so mom and dad can sleep for another hour. I got to be here when Skylar cut the Christmas turkey that my dad spent all day baking. I got to be here and share pizza and a beer with my dad to bring in the New Year. I got to watch the countdown with my family and get huge hugs from my sisters thanking me that I am here.
The days have started to mend together now and I never want it to end. We have been here since December 18th and we have to be back on January 8th. I know it is greedy of me to ask for more time but I love my family and if I didn’t have to leave you can bet that I wouldn’t. We haven’t done much but just being with them, even if it’s watching a movie or just talking, I am thankful for every minute.
So far we have gone swimming 3 times! Ohh how I have missed swimming! I learnt how to make homemade cinnamon buns and homemade Mac and cheese. I also tried to learn to skateboard but that didn’t work out to well and I really hurt my knee and ankle.
And to bring in the New Year, I swung on a swing. January 1st 2012, in a light hoodie, jeans and running shoes, with no snow on the ground at all, I swung. It was amazing.
So here are some pictures, and I will give you more updates in a few days!

Don’t forget to smile!

84. hugs from your parents
85. kiss on the for head from your mom
86. the smell of homemade bread
87. waking up beside the one you love
88. saying good morning to your sisters and giving them a hug
89. Talking to my dad on the phone and saying see you soon and knowing you will
90.  GPS

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  1. That picture of you girls covered in flour made me laugh...and then I realized there was a cat in there, too! That's hilarious! You're a free-spirited bunch. That's a good thing. ;)


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