Here I am. Sitting here sick, as it were, with nothing to do but talk to myself. Hearing myself gabber away about the goings on of the day that has passed, wondering.  What will tomorrow bring or rather will I still be ill and feel like dying. Being sick is always a bad thing for me, because my brain doesn’t get sick and so it carries on the day without me. Wondering this and pondering that, when all I want it to do is stop. Shut up and let me sleep, however, it always has other plans.
It starts with the notion of waking up then it’s on the ponder, should I go to the bathroom now or wait and have to run there in five minutes. Then on from there with thoughts of breakfast or at least something to drink, Oh but that is to open of a though, something to drink. There are far too many possibilities to think about there. Juice, coffee, tea or just water? Oh but that is way too simple for my brain since by this time it has already decided and now is on to a new subject already.
My mind has no notion of time; however it is very aware of the time. Minuets, hours, months, years, days and seconds, but does not stress about that matter for it cannot be altered or changed.
My stomach now screaming at me but for what I am still unsure, food or drink? I take a drink of my water, but nothing, it persists. Now is when my brain hits it in to high gear with thoughts of food, what kind, how much. Every little detail being speed through as if it was a race for best food finishes first. Throwing my warm blanket to the side, I sit up stretching for the heavens and hearing my back crack. Slowly I make my way to the kitchen, because even though my mind is running a marathon inside my over headed head, it still has not made a decision.
Making a detour to the bathrooms medicine cabinet distracts it for a brief moment, Advil to shut the door and close the blinds on my brain for the night. Taking the dosage and heading to bed, I try to think of sleep. I rub my eyes in anticipation for the sandman; the cool air from the gently running fan helps my overheated body cool. Yawning and stretching my body for the nights rest my eyes start to water, I wipe them and turn on to my side. Thoughts of white sheep wearing numbered jerseys make me smile as I fall in to a deep and restful sleep.

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