Soul Surfer

A teenage surfer girl summons the courage to go back into the ocean after losing an arm in a shark attack.
This movie was amazing! I have to say I cried almost the whole time! The story is so amazing, and what makes it better is that it is a true story. I am a sucker for good true stories, as often as possible ;)
The journey that Bethany goes though really hits home with me and becoming a new christen. And finding my path and realizing there is a bigger picture and only God can see the whole frame. Obviously I didn’t have my arm bitten of the message this movie give is amazing.
I give this movie a strong 5 out of 5 Stars! I also got my sister to watch it, it is a family film and can be enjoyed by anyone.

Don’t forget to smile!

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  1. This is definitely another movie on my "must see" list!


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