So lately I have been immersing myself with art, and anything and everything to make art.

Mod podge, gesso and my hair drier = love

I have recently taken the plunge to take an online course. I was doing the Strathmore workshops, so much fun! But I wanted MORE!!
There is a wonderfully creative lady that I follow her every post! Her name is Christy Tomlinson and I am just in love with her art! She has so many workshops and I have always wanted to take one but something always stops me. Money mostly I suppose, but I am an excuse maker, so that probably has a lot to do with it as well.
But when she announced this new workshop, I knew that I just had, HAD to take it. She was giving a discount for early registrations and we had a little extra this month. GST= So I went for it! I am so exited for it, I cannot wait.
I will explain more about the class another day but for today I wanted to show you some of the things that have been keeping me up at night! ……seriously sometimes till 1 am!!
Hope you enjoy :)

Love this painting, it is for sale, $30.00 Canadian
If you are afraid to do somthing just do it, and you wont be any more♥

This is an 8x10 Canvus, love it. SOLD

This is a journal page, i love this bird can you tell..?

Journal page, Sheep!

This is a journal page too. The saying is from the news paper, more on that later♥

Don’t forget to smile!

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