Before we get started I am going to tell you how I will be rating movies
1 Star – Really? don’t waist your time
2 Stars – Meh!  I am glad I only spent $5
3 Stars – Ok! But a little boring in places
4 Stars – Good! Will watch it again
5 Stars – Awesome! Will watch over and over and over again

Today’s movie is called Scoop
Here is what the back says:

When and inquistive college journalist stumbles upon new clues to a string of murders, her investigation leads directly to a handsome businessman, who draws her in with his mysterious charm. Could a whirlwind romance with the subject of her search also become the most dangerous scoop of a lifetime?

I wanted to start with a movie that I havent seen, just to spice things up. I bought this movie for $3 at liqudation world, so of course I couldn’t pass it up.
I give this movie a 3 star rating, only because it was kind of slow, for me. It was very funny and my fav person in it is Sid Waterman, played by Woody Allen. In the movie he plays a magician named Splendini and he is very funny, throughout the whole movie. Woody Allen actually wrote, directed and starred in this movie, isn’t that amazing!
Scarlett Johansson and Hugh Jackman. Both ever good actors in my books, I will watch anything with Huge Jackman in it these days ;) These are both very amazing actors and they did a very good job in this movie as well.
Scarlett plays a wanna be journalist student that gets handed the case of a life time. Its kindof funny how she gets that information but I wont say for the people that will be watching it. It come by the phrase “a reporter will do anything for the next big story” That explains it pretty good ;)
Huge Jackman plays a very handsom business man that has it all, wealth, looks and title. He is very contages and even I feel for his charm but as the peaces fall into place he looks more and more guilty. The movie was to planned out I think with not enough of the surprise element that I like in movies. Although Huge does try to lur you off the trail with that acent of his.
All in all it was a good movie but I am glad that I only paid $3

Don’t forget to smile!

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